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Thank You, customers, for your kindness. You’ve kept us going...
Recycle and Donate your old wearables and help.

Recycling and donating your clothes or shoes will keep them out of the trash and into something that can be used by all and hence given a second life.

We're proud to recycle your old clothes' & shoes into bags of all kinds and in-turn produce employment!

The ban on plastic bags has given rise to the increased demand and need for eco-friendly packing materials. The best-known alternative from the available resources is jute and cloth bags. From large storage items to small packing, there is a requirement of plastic and cloth bags. With the vision to replace the plastics with cloth materials, AndamanMarket.Shop has come up with an initiative of implementing a cloth bag manufacturing firm in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The manufacturing unit is equipped with state-of-art technologies to produce precise and durable cloth bags. Furthermore, to enable women empowerment, the complete workforce encompasses local women who are talented, educated, and interested in earning additional income.

The raw materials for mass production are collected from the local village people of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This project can also be called as “Desi Cloths” where from initiation of acquiring raw materials to ready-to-use cloth bag is obtained from the local resources. The products are of varied sizes and can be customized based on company requirements.

Our Donation Points

Break the waiting time for our representatives to visit your doorstep. Select the nearest donation center and can drop the things that you wish to give away for the needy people. You can also become the volunteer of the group and can spend your small part of the precious time in charity works. This process also helps to know your locality more and be with them.

Recycle Process

Click here to find a donation box today!

Project Black Gold

“Great things start with the great initiatives and support from the local people.”

The secret ingredient of being a successful farmer is the blend of organic manure with the natural compost. Moreover, with increased cost and requirements of natural compounds, the compost developed from microbes and living matter also facilitates farmers as well as ensuring the overall health of the people.


Project Black Gold empowers local farmers with the ready-to-use garden compost and manures. The available green wastes, which are of no use for individuals, are collected and deposited at the local composition house. Through naturally available processes, the available green waste is made to undergo fermentation, decompose, and build a layer of organic material that multiplies into the number of substitutes. The main advantages of this process are the abundant availability of green waste and conversion to composite at a minimal cost.


Furthermore, the project Black Gold also reduces throwing waste products on grounds and nearby areas. Instead of that, you must extend the hand of support by providing those wastes to our people who come at the doorstep. The yield conversion manure is delivered to the local farmers at less cost and helps them in cultivating the crops naturally and healthily.

Planning to Make your Own Compost

If you have an idea of converting house waste to organic manure and utilization for the garden, we are there to help you—the expert team from the “AndamanMarket.Shop” will help you to avail the ingredients, and build a small cushy house for storing, converting the waste ingredients to composites.

My Family

“Family More Than Anything”

Sit back and relax with the family while we are there to serve your requirements and daily essentials. It is believed that family is the most crucial and integral part of life. There is nothing more wonderful than spending quality time with family. It is so important to recharge, reconnect, and relax with the people you love.


The other thing that adds to the family happiness basket is the cooking and dinner table. To most people, it's just a regular interval to keep them fit throughout the day, but it's more and beyond those thoughts. When it comes to the family, it's about sharing the love of togetherness, expressing and exchanging the views between themselves, understanding the need, and extending the support to achieve the tasks. Sometimes if anyone wants to share, irrespective of good or bad moments, something to the most influential persons of their life, then dinner table is the most preferred choice. Let us know the requirements and get the things ready before you step into the house. If any individual cook items or food things, it will be delivered as per your bookings.

Instead of spending time traveling or buying household goods, open the WhatsApp application, click on the received link from our team, book the food and grocery requirements, and receive at your doorstep.

WhatsApp us and we get it home delivered.

The unique WhatsApp food and grocery application also serve as a handy tool during pandemic conditions. With proper guidelines and precautionary medical measures, our employee personnel deliver the products right at the doorstep.

Giving Program

“It's all about sharing and caring”

Have you ever thought that the old stuff such as cloth, plastic packages, and other wastes can be recycled and weaved to convert into eco-friendly bags, organic manure, yes that’s true!. Do you want to be the part of this endeavor, well, this is the one-time opportunity and also to extend your hands in the development of the country.


The unique service offerings from the AndamanMarket.Shop caters a chance where you have to provide the waste things to the delivery persons at the doorstep. The wastes obtained from the local village houses will be segregated based on e-green and plastic wastes.

The e-green collections will be delivered to the Govt. authorized manure conversion centers. Other waste collected will be processed and converted into useful products such as handbags, designer items, and cloth bags.

Program with a vision.

The other vision behind this program is to reduce the increasing global pollution scale. The change cannot be achieved at an instant of time but can be started at one end and allow it to continue and spread till the destination. Let’s be the change and support our program to achieve success in every step.

Partners With Local GOV

“A friend in need, is a friend indeed.”

We partner with local government sectors, FPS, and higher-ranking officials in the Government sector to cater essential products to the people in the hour of need. The primary ingredients for the existence of life are food and water. The traditional bridge and mortar processes, people have to step outside to buy groceries.


Healthy people with strength can achieve it, but elder, senior, people with medical emergency and disability, availing those products is a difficult task. To facilitate those people, we are trying to partner with Govt. sectors and other service providers to simplify the overall operating procedures.

Realizing the need of people during pandemic conditions, we have stepped forward to serve with daily essentials in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Looking forward to continuing this service, collaborating with Govt. organization to serve the food and grocery products.

Lets Go Green together!

As a Go-green project, we look forward to partnering with Govt. organizations, collecting the daily waste, and converting it into useful products such as manure, which can be used in agriculture and manufacturing organic crops. The other projects include women empowerment, cloth bag manufacturing, smart mother, organic compost, and so on.

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