If you entered a valid email address, you will receive a message confirming your donation. If you don't receive an email, please contact us to request a confirmation of your donation.
Donors have a chance to change the lives of destitute and help the society live in harmony. We maintain transparency among donor and benefactor.
We accept all kind of donations like old wearable clothes.
Yes, we accept cash as donation too.
User can first login and then fill the form to donate, our customer executive will assist after filling the form.
You can claim by submitting the necessary documents, based on the donation.

Live Kitchen (service provider)
No, we do not charge any registration fee.
Users can sign up with a name, phone, and email id. An account will be verified with OTP
Any individual or restaurant can register to Live kitchen. One can register without FSSAI License too.
Live Kitchen is a platform to connect restaurants/individuals to customers from our Live Kitchen App. An app notifies restaurants/individuals when customers make an order from the respective menu.
Your request will be verified within 24 hours.
No, since we are already registered to FSSAI License.
No, you cannot cancel the order once customer makes an order.

Live Kitchen (Users)
No, you cannot edit your order.
No, you cannot cancel your order. However, if you cancel your order, you will not be refunded.
No, there is no minimum order value to make a purchase.
Yes, delivery will be charged according to the location.
We will take standard time to deliver the order based on location. The estimated time will be shown in the order page.
Yes, we will accept valid sodexo and any food coupons.
Restaurants will be listed based on GPS location.
You can contact our support team and we will resolve the issue.

Business PRO
Registered users must login to book the service. User can fill the form of respective service.
User can sign up with their name, email id, phone number and verify with OTP.
Service once booked cannot be cancelled.
The professionals will notify you with date and time.
No, we do not take any payments/ commission. The amount is charged only
You can pay directly to professional by cash/UPI/Bank transfer
You will get an SMS, Email and a phone call from our management and service professionals.
Business pro will send an SMS and Email with professional details.
No, it is not mandatory to tip professionals.
Yes, you can rate and review the service.
After completion of the service, we will send you a link for review.
Once you login and fill out the service form, the service professionals will be listed and you can book the same professional who delivered you previously.